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Bob in his ancestral homeland photo

Bob Ziegenbein in the Land of his ancestors, Rosperwenda, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.


In 2006, Bob shifted directions and began to produce a weekly German music program for WTKM called "Heimatmelodien". Since that time Bob has met with many artists from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, that he has featured on his show, including Andrea Lerpscher from Öberallgäu, Bavaria, Germany. In November 2006, Bob brought "Heimatmelodien" to 24/7 Polkaheaven as well.

At a polka dance in October 2006, Bob happened to meet Jim Ebner, at that time President of Polka Parade, and struck up a conversation with him about possibly becoming a DJ for Polka Parade. After producing a demo show for Jim, Bob was quickly brought on as a Polka Parade DJ.

In 2008, Bob began to accept more administrative duties in the production of Polka Parade by producing the "Best of Polka Parade" Volume 14 and a year later with the "Best of Polka Parade" Volume 15.

On May 1st, 2009, Bob became President of Polka Parade, a position he held for about two and a half years through the end of 2011. When producing shows for Polka Parade, Bob's philosophy is two-fold: